PROOF’s enthusiastic professionals have been working on employee alignment and employer branding since 2001, developing and using our employee journey model with clients in the Netherlands and abroad. We have won more than 100 national and international awards, and so while we know all the technical terms, what really drives us, to put it simply, is making employees happy. Almost everyone has to work, and work occupies most of our waking lives. So our goal is to help ensure that employees and managers find happiness in their work. What is happiness? It’s knowing, wanting and being able to change the things that could be done better.

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PROOF is pragmatic. What we do must have an impact and deliver measurable results. Our approach transcends the disciplines of Communication and HR, requiring custom solutions every time. The communication strategies and creative concepts we devise and implement ensure that everyone embraces the organisation’s goals and works to achieve them. That everyone makes their organisation sustainably successful so that it continues to appeal to customers and new employees. That everyone feels intrinsically motivated to grow and make themselves and the organisation better, stronger, more capable and so ready to drive forward and seize opportunities, with management playing their full and crucial role.

What keeps PROOF sharp – today and for over 20 years – is everything that is going on. Look around you; there is still so much to do. Still so much to change. Almost everything in our world can be more sustainable, fairer, more constructive and simply better. The professionals at PROOF contribute to this change by helping to create happy employees. Because happy employees make change happen.

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managing director

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