Since 2001, PROOF’s team of professionals have been helping a wide range of clients in the Netherlands and abroad to create sustainable organisational value through their people. Our expertise in employee alignment and employer branding is founded on one core principle: making leaders and employees happy in their work. Because when people are ready, willing and able to contribute to an organisation’s goals, they find meaning in what they do. Happy employees make change happen.

We’re both strategic and pragmatic: what matters to us is making a measurable impact for our clients through customised communications strategies and creative concepts that ensure leaders and employees come to work each day wanting to make a difference. So the organisation is stronger, more capable and ready to capture opportunities.

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We address every stage of our employee journey model, from attracting the right people to keeping them happily onboard. And, if the time comes to say goodbye, to do that in a way that leaves them feeling positive about their time within the organisation. This approach has paid off: not only have our clients enjoyed increased value, but we have won more than 100 national and international awards.

What keeps PROOF sharp – today and for over 20 years – is that there is still so much potential ahead: in our clients and in what we can do for them and for our field as a whole. Still so much to change and improve. And happy employees make change happen.


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managing director

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