Quick office makeover

For its new, agile start-up, NN wants a suitable space that immediately convinces potential clients and investors. All the experts are on board: from IT to marketing and from legal to operations. Enthusiastic employees who have one thing in common: they cannot wait to get started.

The start-up is the proud owner of a temporary office located in the Mondriaan Tower in Amsterdam. The space, however, is in need of a makeover.

NN has asked PROOF to transform their new office into a fresh and future forward environment. A space that breaths innovation and envisions the business of tomorrow.

PROOF develops an open and accessible interior concept that matches the image NN wants the organisation to radiate. An environment does not only influence the first impression of potential clients and investors, it also influences employees and their performance. Therefore, in the design, PROOF chooses to combine work and home: employees must feel at home in the workplace and be able to sit and stand wherever they please.

Within three weeks, PROOF designs and furnishes the office. The result: an open and agile space that radiates innovation and creativity. Perfect for NN’s new start-up.


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strategy director & partner

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