From internal to external: our heartbeat

September 2017 is an important month for VGZ. Starting this month, cooperative VGZ and the brand VGZ will have the same positioning, (brand) values and pay-off. ‘Sensible care’ is key in the new positioning. This means: better care for patients at lower cost, suggested by care providers. The new pay-off reads: ‘Heart for sensible care’. Before VGZ launches its pay-off externally, it is important to introduce to its employees first.

PROOF is asked to help with launch of the new pay-off internally.

In line with a strong concept for internal branding

The launch of the pay-off is in line with the internal branding concept that PROOF developed in 2016: ‘Together we’re sensibly busy’. Within this concept, employees actively shared examples of sensible care with each other. This was VGZ’s motivation to change the pay-off and also carry out sensible care externally.

A heartbeat as beat

PROOF develops Our heartbeat: a rap with heartbeat as beat, written by four rappers. The input for the rap are the stories of employees, that prove how VGZ and its employees bring sensible care to life.

On September 12th, all employees receive an invitation for the premier of the Our heartbeatthat will take place the same day. In four different locations, the rappers perform the rap. After the launch of the rap, VGZ introduces its new pay-off: ‘Heart for sensible care’. The rappers invite the employees to send in their own sounds, to create ‘VGZ’s heartbeat’. With these sounds a new beat is created, which is incorporated in the existing rap. The rap, with the new (heart)beat is distributed among all employees during a silent disco at the office and a ringtone that everyone can download.

Amazing results

Of all employees present at one of the four VGZ locations on the day of the premier of Our heartbeat, 70% attended the performance of the rap. In total more than 50 sounds were sent in to create ‘VGZ’s heartbeat’.

035 VGZ Heartbeat_02.jpg
035 VGZ Heartbeat_03.jpg