Heroes in high-tech

Dynniq is a high-tech organisation that offers integrated mobility and energy solutions. Although previously part of the former Imtech, Dynniq is a new brand with a challenge: to position itself as employer of choice in a world where the university students it needs are scarce, competition is fierce and the default position for talent is to choose a well-known employer.

Dynniq therefore asks PROOF to help it create a strong employer brand positioning and translate this into an equally strong campaign.

Attracting a specific target group

The goal of the campaign is to attract college and university educated employees with between two and 15 years of work experience for Dynniq’s Energy and Mobility divisions. Dynniq wants to make this target group more familiar with what these divisions do and introduce them to the challenging projects and innovations the company is involved in within the context of worldwide mega trends.

Hero projects

The concept we develop uses Dynniq projects as a way to address potential talent directly. We link major energy and mobility projects in which sustainability and urban growth are important – so-called hero projects – with the things our target audience are passionate about. For example: ‘Using a smart traffic plan to prevent world cities coming to a halt. Do great projects excite you? Click here for a job at Dynniq.’

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Astute media choices contribute to good results

Working with a media agency, we further develop a media strategy that includes online and offline assets based on a mix of ‘hero projects’ and video testimonials. In the testimonials, Dynniq people talk about what it is like to work at the company and why they chose to work there. The campaign proves to be a great success. In six weeks, we achieve:

  • 1,063,940 impressions: amount of times our ads were seen by the target group;
  • 3,142 session: amount of times viewers clicked through to the career hub;
  • 137 applications.

Want to know more?

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client services director

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