CEO Ralph Hamers

An interactive Ralph Hamers, CEO ING

ING Group gave us the challenge to help them introduce their new CEO – to the public, the press, and the stakeholders.

We explored several options, doing research into background, audience types and how other brands within the business were covering similar issues.

We encountered a fundamental question: What is the value the orgainsation wants to communicate. In this case: Trust.

Our approach was a little countercultural. We wanted a talking head and we wanted it long! Why?

We wanted something that gave the external audience the chance to experience the man more intimately than they – or he – might have been used to.

Who is he? What does he believe? How can we trust him? We did not want to hide him behind lots of edits. It wanted to add transparency and authenticity.

We pulled in our friend, leading business speaker and broadcaster Rene Carayol, to give our man a good grilling. We set it in a large studio to give the idea of not being able to hide. And lastly, we put the ultimate control of the messaging in to the hands of the audience… we made the film interactive.

The result is a 13min film that is authentic, clear, inspiring and beautiful. Has proven a huge hit with stakeholders and press and reinforced Ralph as a man of experience, passion, belief and most importantly. Someone who can be trusted.