Printing Bridges

Printing the world’s first bridge with Lenovo, Autodesk and MX3D.

In a large warehouse just across the water from Amsterdam Central station sits a small group of people, some wielding equipment and a large robotic arm. This is the home of MX3D.

In 2017,   will build a bridge – it will take them 2 months and they will do absolutely nothing.

MX3D, a research company, have mastered the art of printing metal using a robotic arm that rotates on six axes. Not content with revolutionising design and 3D printing – the team have set themselves the task of printing the world’s first bridge – a bridge capable of carrying the footfall of Amsterdam’s residents and tourists for many decades to come up.

We teamed up with two of their sponsors Lenovo and Autodesk to tell the story of printing metal and to show how MX3D are using Lenovo’s new Yoga tablet and Autosdesk’s design software to help with the three dimensional design.