The beauty of Univé

Univé is a cooperative insurer with local roots and a strong sense of social responsibility. Univé consists of two main offices and eight regional Univés, as well as approximately 105 local branches in the Netherlands. The insurer has 2,700 employees and over 1.6 million members. To become a future-proof cooperative, Univé wants to attract new talent and confirm existing talent in their decision to work for Univé.

The right talent

Univé asked PROOF to develop an employer branding concept and internal branding that depicts the charm of Univé as an employer, both internally and externally, which can be localised by the regional Univés.


PROOF chose the strength of the cooperative as the cornerstone for the concept: 'The beauty of Univé'. This shows new and existing talent Univé's social commitment, regional identity, open culture, work-life balance and product innovation. PROOF developed a rationale and design, wrote copy for the employee experience website and developed toolkits for the HR professionals of the regional Univés. These toolkits consisted of texts in line with the concept, illustrations, banners, testimonial videos and much more.


‘The beauty of Univé' was launched internally with a film. The film zooms in on the social initiatives that Univé organised in the region during the COVID pandemic as a general picture of how to help each other, demonstrating the power of the cooperative. This was both the kick-off for the employer branding concept as well as the start of the internal branding concept.


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