To make real progress, you have to dare to share. Through PROOF ACADEMY, we are helping to reshape organisational philosophies by sharing our knowledge and insights. This takes multiple forms: publications, books, masterclasses, workshops (inhouse at the client and offsite), inspirational sessions, seminars, and lectures for diverse target groups.

Theory and practice

We help Communication, HR professionals and business leaders to broaden and deepen their knowledge of change communications, employee alignment, the employee journey and leadership. We combine theory with practice and offer all the tools needed to implement what we call a ‘strategic-pragmatic’ approach. This also helps us to extend our network of like-minded professionals that shape the future of work together.

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Wide offering

Our offering ranges from workshops covering values and behaviours and effective onboarding of newcomers, to masterclasses about alignment and trainings that explore how happy employees make change a sustainable success. We provide our learning offerings directly through PROOF ACADEMY as well as with our partners HR Academy, NIMA, SkillsTown, Nyenrode Business Universiteit, Logeion and Beeckestijn Business School.


PROOF has written numerous articles and published six books. Curious to know more? You can see an overview of our books here.

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Our offering

HR & Communication professionals

Tailored inhouse workshops, inspirational sessions and masterclasses on request (please contact Sascha Becker for more information). To give you an idea of our offering:

  • Hybrid working in practice
  • Effective (remote) onboarding of new employees
  • Creating an awe-inspiring employee experience
  • Develop your employer brand
  • Investing in engaged employees
  • Effective reboarding of employees / effective change
  • Storytelling in practice
  • From values to behaviour
  • How to develop an impactful communications strategy?
  • The ten success factors of effective internal communications
  • Happy change: how happy employees make change a sustainable success – fostering knowledge, willingness and ability
  • The employee journey: create an awe-inspiriring employee experience
  • Building an aligned workforce: how to build an aligned workforce in six steps

Our offering with our partners: MindCampus, NIMA, SkillsTown, Nyenrode Business Universiteit, Logeion and Beeckestijn Business School. For more information, see our events page.


To support leaders in their crucial role, we offer three leadership trajectories:

  • Lead the change: a preparatory programme for leaders (team leaders, middle management) for their important role in change. How to realise change step by step, how to align teams effectively and how to ensure your team continues to be engaged.
  • 1-on-1 coaching for senior executives and leaders: personal leadership coaching, tailored to their wishes, needs and the change or other question at stake.
  • Top management as one team: successful organisational transformations start and end with the top management. We provide management teams a dose of inspiration, get to work and provide tools to position themselves as one strong team, to communicate with employees with a consistent and authentic story and to lead the change by example.
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Want to know more?

Contact us. We will be happy to tell you more.

Sascha Becker
client services director

+31 6 55 124 590