Five questions about PROOF PEOPLE

23 February 2021
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In times of change, organisations often welcome temporary support. And in recent years, PROOF’s clients have increasingly asked us if we could also support them in house. We have already been doing so under the radar, but we’re now bringing our experience and expertise in this area under a new label: PROOF PEOPLE. Want to know more? Check out the five questions to colleagues Bea Aarnoutse and Sascha Becker.

  1. Why a new label?
    Over the past few years, PROOF AGENCY has regularly been asked to provide clients with in-house support. Behind that demand is the need for knowledge, expertise and execution power in our specialist field, employee alignment. Clients are looking for a temporary solution to broaden and deepen their internal capabilities. We’ve successfully responded to that demand in a number of cases to date, for instance by deploying our programme managers and senior change communication manager to temporarily reinforce client teams. And demand continues to grow, which is why we’re officially launching PROOF PEOPLE I interim professionals on 1 May. PROOF PEOPLE offers teams of experienced change and communication specialists who are experienced in acting at management and board level, know how to implement a strategy and understand how the combination of Communication and HR plays a vital role in getting employees moving and aligned with the organisation’s strategy.
  2. Are you seeing an increase in demand for support?
    Yes. Despite the Covid-19-related challenges, we’ve been able to take significant steps forward at PROOF AGENCY. Organisations know where to find us. After all, PROOF AGENCY has been operating in a niche market for 20 years, and there are few companies in the Netherlands or Europe who can offer the same knowledge, expertise and experience as our people. From providing support for strategy communication, strengthening internal and HR communication, further improving leadership or management communication, or improving dialogue within the organisation… Crafting a great employee journey and addressing employee alignment systematically always demands a lot of attention, but even more so in these tough Covid-19 times. So that’s driving many requests for the services of PROOF PEOPLE and the support of our specialist interim professionals.
  3. You’re known for believing in the power of teams?
    That’s absolutely correct. We believe in the power of multidisciplinary teams that can strengthen our clients’ capabilities on an interim basis and help them to take the right steps forward in terms of employee alignment. As a team, you can have more impact, faster. And not everyone has the same skillset. Together, you’re stronger – and sharing insights and expertise makes you even more so. The keywords for PROOF PEOPLE are teamwork and loyalty. So when you engage PROOF PEOPLE, depending on your needs, you can expect the right combination of professionals to support you. For instance, a communications specialist and an occupational therapist. The team members keep each other sharp and make each other better.
    1+1 = 3!
  4. What services are you providing?
    We’re offering clients in-house support for change programmes and to improve the employee experience. From ensuring that management knows the organisational story and tells it in the right way to aligning the HR and Communication teams, bringing people managers along on the journey, and so on. In practice, we see that this takes up a lot of time and that client teams could use additional expertise as well as capacity. We can provide support across the whole spectrum, from thinking to doing. From quartermasters to strategists, programme managers, project managers and/or consultants. We always ensure that expertise from both Communication and HR is available.
  5. Why now, after 20 years of PROOF?
    It’s simple: our clients are asking for it. They need specialist interim professionals and teams that can jump in and offer support on a temporary basis. More than ever. PROOF AGENCY will continue to offer its customary service offering, and PROOF PEOPLE I interim professionals is an extension of that portfolio of services.

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strategy director & partner

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